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Spare parts for your Solidoodle 3D Printer. Ships in 2-3 weeks.

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 1/4"x36yds Kapton Tape
1/4" roll (36 yards in length) of Kapton tape - perfect for patching small holes on the bu..
2 mil Replacement Kapton Square - 6x6
A 2 mil (.002" thick) Kapton square for your Solidoodle 2nd Generation – Pro and Soli..
2 mil Replacement Kapton Square -8x8
A 2 mil (.002" thick) Kapton square for your Solidoodle 3rd Generation, 3D printer and Solidood..
Spool Holder Assembly - SD2 & SD3
Spool holder assembly including printed spool mount as well as PVC spool holder parts. This item ..
Extruder - Fully Assembled - SD2 & SD3
The Solidoodle Extruder Assembly for SD2 & SD3 3D Printers. Includes: - Acrylic Extru..
Extruder Hot End - SD4
This is the hot-end built into the Extruder for SD4 3D Printers. This assembly includes: - Bar..
Print Carriage - SD2
The Printer Carriage for all Solidoodle 2nd Generation 3D Printers - Base, Pro, and E..
Solidoodle Motherboard - SD2
Note: This product is for experienced users only. Solidoodle Motherboard  comes fully assemb..
Tool Kit
The Solidoodle Tool kit contains a handy set of tweezers, a paint scraper for removing finished prin..
Upgrade Kit - Base to Pro - SD2
This kit allows you to upgrade your Solidoodle 2 Base Model to a Pro Model. This is for users who al..
Z Motor + Threaded Rod - SD2
This is the Z motor with threaded rod for all Solidoodle 2nd Generation 3D Printers - Base..
Acrylic Build Plate - SD2
The Acrylic Build Plate (6"x6") for the Solidoodle 2nd Generation, 3D printer (Base Model). The b..
Acrylics + Hot End - SD2 & SD3
This is the Acrylics + Hot End Assembly that is built into the Extruder (Fully Assemb..
PEEK Insulator - SD4
PEEK insulation bracket that is built into the Extruder Hot End for SD4 3D Printers. Wa..
Print Carriage - SD3
The Printer Carriage for the Solidoodle 3rd Generation, 3D printer. Included are all the parts yo..