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Fully assembled with a open steel frame and now with the Solidoodle all-metal extruder, our $599 machine provides an 8” x 8” heated aluminum build plate to give you more room for larger 3D prints!

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The 3rd Generation 3D printer provides a 8”x8”x8” build area, doubling the volume of our 2nd Generation printer, and now comes standard with our all-metal aluminum extruder, making it even easier to swap out filaments and perform simple maintenance procedures when needed.

With Solidoodle’s original open-frame steel design and heated aluminum build plate to help prevent warping on larger prints, the 3rd Generation printer gives makers a great 3D printer option, with amazing features at an unbeatable value. Fully assembled, all you need to do is install our free software and connect to a computer to start printing.

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Standard Features:
• Creates plastic parts up to 8" x 8" x 8"
• Uses 1.75mm plastic filament (ABS/PLA)
• Heated Build Platform
• 13.5" x 14" x 14" case footprint (L x W x H)
• Durable metal frame
• Fully assembled and tested

• Open-source software, downloadable on our website, see our guide on How To Install Software
Please note, you need an internet connection to download the software, a disc is not included.
• Able to print .STL & .DXF files
• Windows, Mac, & Linux compatible

What's in the box?
• Solidoodle 3D Printer, fully assembled & tested
• Small roll of starter filament (enough for a few test prints)
• Power supply
• USB Cable
• 2.5mm Allen Key

Tech Specs:
• Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) a.k.a Thermoplastic Extrusion
• Solidoodle Motherboard
• Extruder moves in the horizontal plane (X-Y), Build Platform (moves in the vertical direction (Z)
• Spring-loaded aluminum extruder with stepper motor and .4mm nozzle
• Uses 1.75mm ABS and PLA filaments.
• Power supply works on US Voltage (120V) or European Voltage (240V)

• Able to print .4mm, .3mm, .2mm, .1mm